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Program Outline/Sequence:

The primary goal of this program is to offer a focus on coding and technology, while providing the opportunity for all students to complete their high school education in a student-centered setting. Built on inquiry and project-based learning, this Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway provides exposure and training for software development, web design and development, networking, information security, and entrepreneurship related to the technology industry. In addition to select industry certification, students will exit the program better prepared for success in career and life.

Course Steps:

1st Year (Introduction to Information Technology):

1st semester - Computer Concepts, Introduction to HTML and CSS
2nd semester- Introduction to JavaScript, continued HTML and CSS
All semesters end with summative projects
Regional, State and National Competitions for Coding

2nd Year (Advanced Information Technology):

Client Side:
HTML, CSS JavaScript (Continued)
Intro To:

• Adobe Dreamweaver • Word Press • Web Based Game Development

Server Side:

• PHP • Apache Windows Server • SQL Database Management

State/District Technology Assessment
Microsoft Technology Associate Preparation and Testing

3rd Year (Includes Internship):

On the job experience and valuable industry networking
Strengthen 2nd year content
Instructor support of internship
Introduction to Software Apppcation development with Swift

4th year (For those that started as a Freshman):

Business/Marketing/Entrepreneurship theory with a focus on technology
Continue with Software development

• Application development • Focus on mobile devices (Android and Apple)

MTA Certification:


Vista Peak

Web Developer Certification

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Preparing Tomorrow's Technology Workforce

Because virtually every business in the world, large or small, relies on technology, there's a demand for people with fundamental knowledge of how technology works. As a student, you are realizing technology's impact on today's academic and workplace environment, and you are interested in exploring professions involving technology. That's why Microsoft and Certiport are pleased to offer the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification—a new entry-level credential from Microsoft that validates fundamental technology knowledge among students seeking to build a career in technology. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is the ideal and preferred path to Microsoft's world-renowned technology certification programs, such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). MTA is positioned to become the premier credential for individuals seeking to explore and pursue a career using Microsoft technology, or to augment related pursuits such as business or other fields where technology is pervasive. Students will develop the necessary skill to pass the MTA certification during years 1 & 2. During the second half of year 2, students will have an opportunity to take the test. There will be plenty of support to provide the best opportunity of success.


Maker Lab:

Pictures of Maker Lab

Maker Lab

As part of the process in developing students into Web Developers, they have the opportunity to utilize the Maker Lab which includes a 3D printer, Poster Printer, Vinyl Cutter/Plotter, Intranet/Internet Design/Configuration, Lab Server, Green Screen and More

Maker Lab

Poster & 3D Printer

Maker Lab

Green Screen


Business Professional Experience is Built into the Program

fbla logo

All students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to take their learning and demonstrate it to people in the industry through local, state and national events.

This Computer Coding Program is made possible by CTE guidelines as follows:

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is helping our nation address key challenges such as workforce development, student achievement, economic vitality, and global competitiveness.

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are key components to strong CTE programs. They integrate into CTE programs and courses and extend teaching and learning through innovative programs, business and community partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state, and national levels.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is our CTSO

• CTSOs provide relevant, engaging programs that improve student achievement, reduce dropout rates, and help students discover the wide range of career options available.
• CTSOs engage the community and local businesses to help students understand global competition and chart effective and efficient pathways through high school and postsecondary education for their personal success.
• CTSO programs, such as industry-based competitive events and community service, provide students with the opportunity to develop 21st century skills focused on creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and goal setting.
• CTSOs bring relevance to the classroom and prepare students to be college and career ready.

FBLA Develops Leaders for a Global Career Stage

Link to FBLA Arizona Website

Vista Peak Web Development Coding Took 1 and 2 place at Regionals This Year

FBLA 2017

Pre - Application for Program:

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in a great and innovative program like Vista Peak's Coding Program. We are looking for an exceptional group of students that have many, if not all, of the following characteristics:

• Have a strong interest in a technology career
• Want to become creators, innovators, and problem-solvers
• Looking to have stability and success for the future
• Are able to be innovative, flexible, and forward-thinking
• Are able to work independently and with small teams/groups
• Are open-minded to taking on new challenges

If some or all of the above characteristics describe you, then Vista Peak's Coding Program may be the school for you!

Start the Process to Enroll for Coding Program! Accepting 9th and 10th Grade, Space is Limited

Open enrollment Guidelines

Start the Application Process

Job Placement Info:

Job Success

The program has tools built in to help students

take their knowledge and turn it into a job

Students are given help with interview strategies

Job discovery and developing industry contacts

is part of the 3rd or 4th year internship

Job Placement

Student Information


School Days

Monday - Friday

Full Days

9:00 - 3:45

Half Days

9:00 - 12:20

Help Our Program With Tax Credits

A single person can donate up to $200.
A married couple can donate up to $400.
If you have any questions or want to contribute,
e-mail Mr. Davis at
The cutoff date is April 15th.

Suggested Supplies


Pencil or pens(black or blue)

Web Design

100 page spiral college ruled

5 gigs USB thumb drive or larger

Cheap pair of earbuds


Ti 84(needed for homework)

Social Studies

3 spiral notebooks

set of color pencils

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the day are classes offered?

This is a self contained high school program. Your student will take all their needed core classes at Vista Peak.
These classes include ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies from highly qualified teachers. In addition to the core
classes and grade specific electives, students with have a strong emphasis in coding and technology. Currently,
school day is M-F 845-345.

Does this school cost anything?

Students in the DVUSD are currently eligible to enroll at no cost.

Do you still have openings in the program?

The program is first come, first served - Submit a pre-application ASAP. Space is limited.

What technology does my child need at home?

There is an expectation of enrollment that your student will have access to a current & reliable computer at home.
Since the program is technology based, many assignment will be delivered via Canvas and most books will be
digital format.

Extracurricular Cost

West Mec Leadership Training

: Free


: $40

FBLA Regional

: $60

GCU Career Shadowing

: Free

FBLA State

: $160

FBLA Nationals

: TBD(To Be Decided)

FBLA Dress Code


Business suit with collar dress shirt, and necktie or
Sport coat, dress slacks, collar shirt, and necktie or
Dress slacks, collar shirt, and necktie.
Banded collar shirt may be worn only if sport coat or business suit is worn.
Dress shoes and socks.


Business suit with blouse or
Business pantsuit with blouse or
Skirt or dress slacks with blouse or sweater or
Business dress.
Capris or gauchos with coordinating jacket/suit, worn below the knee.
Dress shoes.

Inappropriate Attire

Jewelry in visible body piercing, other than ears
Denim or chambray fabric clothing of any kind, overalls, shorts, skorts, stretch or stirrup pants, exercise or bike shorts
Backless, see-through, tight-fitting, spaghetti straps, strapless, extremely short, or low-cut blouses/tops/dresses/skirts
T-shirts, Lycra™, spandex, midriff tops, tank tops, bathing suits
Sandals, athletic shoes, industrial work shoes, hiking boots, bare feet, or over-the-knee boots
Athletic wear, including sneakers
Hats or flannel fabric clothing
Bolo ties
Visible foundation garments


Many women’s two-piece suits are currently designed so that they do not require a blouse. Therefore, this will be accepted. In addition, sling-back shoes, open-toe shoes, and sleeveless dresses are accepted.